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  • Know whether other bidders are real and have funds!
  • HonestyHub intelligently directs buyers to their preferred homes to avoid bidding on multiple “just in case” – thus removing unnecessary bids and lowering the cost for all buyers
  • Shows the true level of interest in a property
  • Easy mortgage applications
  • Works for all properties – it doesn’t matter who the selling agent is
  • Fully anonymous – nobody will know who you are
  • Stand out from the crowd with verification from us that you have the funds for your bids – without having to show the estate agent your mortgage amount
  • Free to use all features

Remember, the sales agent works for the seller – end of story. There is nothing wrong with this, but you need the insights our technology can provide in order to go up against an opaque system which is designed to relieve you of as much money as possible. HonestyHub will provide true transparency, totally unmatched by any digital bidding system in use by agents today, which are all simply aimed at solidifying the sales agent’s position.

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"Buying a home has always pitted ordinary people against seasoned professionals. This is a new dawn."
Colm, Founder of HonestyHub
Live Updates

Get notified of bidding and other activity as it happens. When updates are available on a property, you’ll know instantly.

Competition Alerts

We will alert you and other users when we detect that you might end up bidding against each other on multiple properties. Much better to agree not to compete and keep all prices down by a couple of bids or more!

Verified Funding

Indicating that you are funded will make vendors think twice about letting you go as a buyer for their property. You can also see if your competing bidders have the funds for the bids they are making. Why out-bid someone who is not in full funds?

Time saver

Keep track of multiple properties, sales agents and bids within one app. Forget waiting for callbacks, emails and texts to keep up to speed. Crucially, don’t miss out on an alternate property if needs be.

Tactical Advantage

When it comes to closing out a sale, an agent may attempt to eek out another few thousand if they know how much you have to spend. Keep your cards close to your chest with verified funding for each bid only without giving them a target to hit by showing them your mortgage approval amount.

Willing Bidders

Indicate a willingness to out-bid on a property, once the current high bidder verifies their funds. Vendors will be able to see this directly and it will be a fine incentive for them to call order and have all bidders act transparently. No longer will buyers have to bid against dreamers who are not quite ready to buy.

Respect for Your Data

Your critical, personal and financial data will be treated with the utmost respect and care. We will not sell any of your data at all and you will give explicit consent for any sharing of data with partners who are able to offer something of value to you, such as mortgage providers.

Free to Use

We want to be thought of as “the way” property is bought and we will not put any paywall between property buyers and our features.

Should you and others choose to avail of products offered by our partners, we will earn something. If not, your participation and use of our technology gives benefits to all buyers as a collective, and we are very happy to have you on board!

Behind The Scenes

Our founder has over 12 years experience in the property industry as an estate agent. There is very little in the way of both sales agents’ problems and those faced by buyers which Colm has not encountered many times over.

This expert domain knowledge, coupled with extensive technical experience, has given rise to HonestyHub, and matched with some excellent technical talent, buying property will soon change for ever.

We are delighted to have an excellent, multidisciplinary advisory team, with each advisor being highly respected within their respective fields.

We mean to be successful in our mission to bring trust, honesty and transparency to the process of buying property, all around the world.